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Introducing: Guidance for Your Inner and Outer World

  Grace is an intuitive guide, and life coach, who began her journey 29 years ago, with meditation practice. She teaches her students and clients how to access their own inner wisdom, and to strengthen their intuitive gifts through her own perceptive guidance, assisting people in untangling the wide variety of situations they experience in all areas of their inner and outer world, mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. She is also a practitioner of Qigong, and Chen Taijiquan.

I guide people in every aspect of life, assisting them in navigating their inner and outer world, spanning both the personal and professional.  I help them with problem solving, assisting them in creating a clear path to achieving their  goals and dreams. Each person?s situation is unique to them, I work together with each person  to  tailor-make  solutions that specifically focus on their  unique inner  journey. When we create deep lasting change within,  our outer world is forever changed, lasting change begins within. Listed below are some of the changes you may create in your life  from choosing to journey deep within yourself.

Mental:  Create overall clarity in your own mind, enable yourself to effectively communicate, make clear choices, balance relationship communication,  create positive change in your life.

Emotional: Freeing yourself internally so that you can experience your life with more clarity about yourself and the people around you. Live life with a deep sense of calmness, experience true emotional balance.

Energetic: Enabling you to work with your own energetic abilities more confidently, learning more about you and your inner and metaphysical world. Building a solid energetic foundation from which you walk your personal path.

Physical: Create a healthy life style. A calm centered balanced life. A strong vibrant body is an  integral aspect of deep overall change.

Spiritual: Metaphysical guidance for the soul and your spiritual world. Each of us has our own unique soul path; along our journey we may feel it would be helpful to have a listening ear, and some sound advice.

- Build or advance an energetic practice

- Relationship, Communication and Emotional Balance

- Meditation 

- Life Coaching

- Intuitive Guidance 

- Energetic Awareness

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