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Clients Feedback & Testimonial

Hello Martin!

I’m feeling very well, your distance healing worked great.

1. The Trigeminal Neuralgia did not vanish but is improving.

2. I’m not afraid anymore of the consequences of not trying to please everybody.

3. My anger is gone, I am handling situations in a relaxed way and can laugh about life.

4. The crying has ceased as it relates to the situations we worked on.

Hans K., Vienna, Austria



My mom just called me!! ......
She wants me to write to you and THANK YOU!!! and Tell you about this!!!
She said after your second session yesterday on her, she goes to bed to sleep. Some strong energy was taking over all her body....
She said she became so alert and watchful and she felt so energized ,so she could not sleep all night!!.... This all happened to her after or during our talk on skype (time wise)!!!
She never calls me at my night time which is her morning in Iran!!! But she called me to tell me about this amazing feeling and she wanted to make sure I will write this to you right now!!!...She said she has no pain at this point!!!.....

- Pourani E., Canada


Today finally my son came to visit me! We were eating lunch when he asked me about the result of your work on him. I took him in the room and told him everything!
He had tears in his eyes!! ( I told you before that he is a teenager and not yet believing much in these things)
He had tears in his eyes and smile of joy on his face!! he told me everything that he was in love with the girl who promised him some stuff to be with him and be his partner on the day of graduation!! ,,,,But then she went with another guy!! He was shocked by the result you told me and it was because i didn't even know anything!!!
He was so pleased and happy and I asked him if that time during his ceremony( exact time that you were working on him) if he felt any thing!! he said he was feeling some anger but more some tingling in his legs!!!

- Pourani E., Canada


Good Evening Martin,

After a few days we now have the first feedback for you. Our mom is much more mobile since working with you. She can manage walking upstairs quite normally now. Mean while she is sleeping much better, she is overall very pleased with the results of the session. She stated that if the great changes continue „ that it was the best birthday present ever! “Recently she was walking by foot in Vienna with our aunt and never could have endured that much walking before working with you. Also her right hand is much more mobile.

- Margit and Andrea H.


Hello Mr. Walzek!

1. Here is a brief update about our dog Roxy! Her leg is oscillating between better and worse so I cannot see a real difference with it. BUT: She is much more alive, present and comes out of hiding much more frequently to play with our other dog Pino. When I come home from work, she also greets me full of excitment and leaves her cave much more often after the treatment. Something really seems to be going on, great changes :-) I am quite curious what changes will continue to occur.

2. It’s the first night, I have been able to sleep through the whole night in a long time :-) Roxy has become so much more quiet at night now, and isn’t walking about making noise as much as before. :- ) She even greeted my husband today which she never had done before. When out in the garden she even invited Pino to play with her. I will continue to observe her, but I have the sense she is doing much better. She is still pulling her sleep pillow all around the house with her but she is not tearing it up anymore. Her condition seems to have improved over all because today she suddenly appeared beside me in the bathroom, usually she avoids these kinds of rooms which she does not know like kitchen, bathroom and garden. Obviously your distance healing has worked which really pleases me a lot!

3. Mr. Walzek, I am so excited I must write to you! ! ! ! !

My Roxy is exploring the apartment, she is transforming so much, and I would never have expected that! My dog trainer stated today, Roxy is discovering her life in a new way.

Today I took her to the dog training facility, because she was so excited and begged me to take her out to play. In the past she would hide herself, but now, she almost demands to go with me when I leave the house. Also my dog trainer remarked that she has a very different attitude, like a totally different dog! Well, I am just so happy today that I wanted to tell you all about the great changes.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ! ! !

4. My Husband initially chuckled at my choice to choose distance healing for our dog. Now, he can see for himself how little Roxy has changed. He always stated I want a happy and outgoing dog, not just some animal that goes into hiding all the time, and isn't approachable at all. Today he video taped Roxy, and is really excited about the changes Roxy is going through. And yes, to me these changes with Roxy are really representative of your skills and the success of your work :-)

-Hildegard R., Germany

My dog was so messed up ever since I got her, and I am honestly admitting that I wasn't able to deal with it or to manage the problems.

In a case like this I felt I needed some professional assistance.

The greatest challenge with that was to find the appropriate trainer, who works gently with the dog, with great sensitivity and without violence.

The biggest success or progress was to correct trapped emotions in my dog.

Since that time we have made big steps forward in the right direction.

It doesn't take any dog trainer of a garden goblin who wants to create change by breaking a dog,

it takes kind gentle people like you that I was blessed to meet.

Thank you Mr. Martin Walzek.

-Hildegard R., Germany